A collection of images to show how things were done in the state-of-the-art facility in Los Algodones, Mexico... At this facility we were able to capture procedures on video and then broadcast to the lecture room simultaneously for all to view.

News and Events: August 2013 Sinus Lift Program

We had a great group of clinicians who participated in our LIVE SURGERY PROGRAM.  Enjoy some of our photographs of this event.

"I have been to many premier advanced education implant surgery venues but the live surgery training at Los Algodones under the tutelage of Drs Ganz, Rubio and Moran is nonpareil. In this high tech, brand new, state of the art facility you will get live surgery experience with heavy emphasis on treatment planning and Cone Beam CT interpretation that you literally can not get in any other venue!! In this safe, friendly environment you will feel as though Los Algodones is part of your extended family!!"

Dr. Barry Kaplan, Prosthodontist, Bloomfield, NJ, USA

These are all photographs from our LIVE SURGERY program held this past August.  This was the second part of a two-part program.  ALL participants were able to do either crestal or lateral sinus augmentations, or BOTH.  Some were able to simultaneous implants.  Also the use of l-PRF was demonstrated and utilized for the surgeries.